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Ordered one of each, they are both amazing. Great flavor and some spice.

16oz Portuguese BBQ Marinade - Hot

Outstanding marinade, it is savory, spicy and full of flavor. Will be ordering again.
Wondering if they could add a sweet/savory marinade?

Some of the best chicken marinade I have ever had!!

This Marinade is a Grilling Cheat Code

Truly a game changer. I use it 3-4 times a week. Best marinade I've ever used by a mile.

#1 Best Marinade in the world!

I’ve been using this marinade for so many different dishes now! I marinaded my turkey for Thanksgiving with only this, and it came out Amazing!

Best marinade

This is the best marinade ever! We use it several times a week and it works on everything-beef and pork, chicken and seafood. We now by it by the gallon!

Tried the dry mix last night

I can't even begin to explain the deliciousness of this rub. We marinated chicken wings in it last night and my husband said that they were the best wings he has ever tasted. We're sharing this with friends and will order again very soon!

Oh My!! A flavor explosion and then some!!

This is our new favorite marinade! We purchased our first jar at a farmer's market in Dallas. We used it on skinless, bone-in chicken thighs and they were fabulous. We will be ordering again when we use up the four jars that just arrived. We will use it as Christmas gifts.

16oz Portuguese BBQ Marinade (2 Pack)


Warning! This stuff is addictive!

Best marinade we have ever used!

Goes well with everything ! Will order again !

The best marinade ever

Portuguese BBQ Marinade Dry Mix (2 Pack)

Great Product

Easy to use and great products

Absolutely The Best Marinade!

I marinated my chicken for grilling and it was a hit! Every thoroughly enjoyed the chicken. It was delicious. I’m so excited that I finally found a marinade that is amazing! Thank you!


My wife and I discovered Rika's on our trip to Dallas. Our sone, who was showing us around the Dallas area, took us to the Dallas Farmers Market. We stopped by and tasted the chicken and shrimp that they had out to taste. We ended up buying a jar of the Medium spicy. When we got home we prepared as instructed (super easy, just marinate for 30 min. it came out fantastic! We since have ordered at least 3 times on their site. We love this stuff! Used it again last night to make chicken tacos....SO GOOD! I recomend everyone to try it! its our new fav.

Best marinade I have ever used.

We discovered Rika's marinade while shopping at Dallas Farmers Market. We tried one and took it home to make grilled chicken that night with our four boys. I marinaded the chicken breasts about four hours before grilling. Everyone thought it was the best chicken marinade we had ever had! Since then, I have used it one pork tenderloin and beef tenderloin and our boys said it is by far the best marinade I have ever used. We like it spicy so we get the spicy variety. We started using it so much that I have now ordered the gallon size. Everyone whom I have shared this with our now fans. Can't emphasize how good this marinade is.

Wonderful flavors! I marinated a pork tenderloin with this and slow cooked it in a crock pot. The meat was tender and full of flavor. Also marinated chicken wings and they were a hit.


This marinade is so versatile. . I made 4 cheese Mac and Cheese from scratch and mixed in Chicken breast that was marinated for only 20 minutes and it changed the whole flavor profile. Also, made a Chicken Stuffed roulade with a chicken breast that was also only marinated for 20 minutes and it came out perfect! Love how so much flavor is added to dishes in so little time. Saves me time from having to wait a hour or more. I can prepare the side dishes or other components to my dish while protein marinates and then have it ready in 40 minutes or less! Keeping a bottle around. Great for grilling. Definitely going to have a extra bottle for camping trips.

Mouth watering ribs

If you're a fan of barbecue ribs, then you absolutely must try this chicken marinade on them! I recently tried it on a rack of ribs and I was blown away by how delicious they turned out.

The marinade gave the ribs a beautiful golden color and a rich, smoky flavor that perfectly complemented the juicy meat. It also had just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the savory notes, making for a truly delectable experience.

What I loved most about this marinade was how easy it was to use. I simply marinated the ribs for a few hours before grilling them up, and the result was a mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone tenderness that had my taste buds singing with joy.

Overall, I highly recommend trying this chicken marinade on your barbecue ribs. It's a game-changer that will take your ribs to the next level and have your friends and family begging for the recipe. Don't hesitate, give it a try today!

Spicy Portuguese marinated

Best marinade I have ever tasted

Obsessed with this product!!

I bought this product (original bbq marinade) at the farmers market in Dallas after trying a small sample. Little did I know then I’d become obsessed with this marinade! I marinated some chicken breast in it for about 24 hours, popped them in the air fryer and it was one of my favorite meals I’ve ever made!! I cook a decent amount and I was so amazed with how much complex flavor there was in the chicken! So much savory flavor with the perfect kick at the end. I ate it just by itself for a few days then made chicken sandwiches out of them. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve dreamed about this stuff! It’s that good! It’s so incredibly easy to make with anything. I’m buying more so I can use it on more chicken but also try shrimp and veggies too. I’m so excited! Thank you for creating this product! At my next gathering I plan to cook with it and impress all of my friends so hopefully you’ll be getting some more orders in from them too!

Best Marinade

This is the only Marinade I use now. Have tried it on Chicken, Pork , lamb, veggies and fries
It’s great on all. And now they have spicy one . That’s even better for me.
I put this on everything I eat.

Ryka’s Portuguese BBQ marinade

This beautiful product is one of the mist delicious unique finds I’ve ever tasted. I have used it only on my stove top filet of Salmon. It’s perfectly spicy. I made it multiple times. It would be delicious on the grill on any meat. I found it at the Richardson farmers market and I e ordered it online once. I understand it’s going to be available other places too. It’s special. Thank you for creating a new spicy marinade for us home cooks.